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THE SPIRIT OF GOD IS AT WORK THROUGH ABBOT FRANCIS PFANNER I have no words to explain the experience we felt at Emaus this year (21/05/2016). The spirit of God through Abbot Francis is all over Emaus. This is a yearly pilgrimage where sons (CMM), daughters CPS), associates and friends of Abbot Francis Pfanner come …
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Abbot Francis and Emaus

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Ooooooow Nkosi , What an experience at Emaus for our first gathering to promote Abbot Francis! We had around 2000 people who came to pray Abbot Francis for special graces. Yes, people are confirming that the spirit of Abbot Francis is here at Emaus. Let us share this news about Abbot Francis and Emaus. Thamie …
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Beatification on 24/09/2016

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Priest of SA-founded order a martyr The Southern Cross, February 10 to February 16, 2016 A priest of an order that was founded in South Africa will be beatified as a martyr to Nazism. Fr Engelmar Unzeitig, who has been called “Angel of Dachau”, belonged to the Congregation of Mariannhill Missionaries, an order founded by …
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A great and most joyful news for the Congregation of the Missionaries of Mariannhill! Our Fr. Engelmar Unzeitig’s martyrdom has been officially approved by Pope Francis on 21/01/2016, which means that he will be beatified soon. He died in a concentration camp in 1945, Let’s pray through his intercession for our needs.